Expertise in surface finishing for over 50 years

Manufactured at the highest quality level

Behind stands the family-run company Fais Metallveredlung e.K. with more than 60 years of experience in surface coating. We are the official German partner of from Switzerland. Behind the Swiss chrome factory stands the company Friedrich Suter AG, also a family-run company with years of expertise in surface coating. The cooperation between Fais and Suter is the perfect synthesis of passion, innovation and competence of two traditional companies.

First-class coordinated communication channels and a good industry network, as well as experience and perfectionism contribute to a high quality of user interface and customer satisfaction. Due to European legislative changes, it will become increasingly difficult in the future to chrome at a fair price in Germany.

That's why we are happy to have a strong partner from Switzerland on our side, who will help us in the event of a ban on chrome in the EU. Our production is located exclusively in Germany and Switzerland. You do not have to worry about your parts being sent halfway around the globe, lost or damaged. All work is done by well trained skilled workers and master craftsmen and subject to strict quality control. Top quality at a fair price - that is our promise.


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