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Professional surface consulting

With over 60 years of experience.

With our individual consulting to your economic success. Benefit from our practical experience. Achieve with our cooperation more…

  • Quality assurance
  • Cost efficiency
  • Productivity

for your projects, processes and products.


Increase in quality assurance by +25%.

Improve quality assurance automotive industry

So far: brake system components have been galvanized as well as painted. Nevertheless, some components showed signs of corrosion after a longer period of use. Complaints were made.

Our improvement: coating of the components by electroless nickel instead of the zinc / paint system. Corrosion resistance many times higher. No complaints.


Cost savings of -72%

Increase cost efficiency furniture industry

Previously, handles were made of brass and then chrome-plated, which was very costly.

Our improvement: manufacturing the handles from aluminum. Subsequent bright anodizing for the chrome look.


Increase in productivity by +40%.

Increase productivity medical technology

Until now: stainless steel components were polished to a high gloss by hand.

Our improvement: development of a special frame for electrochemical polishing. This meant that more components could be processed per day with the same quality.

Expertise in the third generation.

We create the foundation for your success. Already in the third generation, our family business is active in the field of surface technology. Countless projects have been implemented or accompanied by customers together with us. With our experience, we are able to identify problems at an early stage, evaluate them and find suitable solutions in a timely manner. You benefit fully from our know-how and our cross-industry network. We help you to advance and strengthen your company in the field of surface technology. Innovation is the wind in our country’s sails, conservatism the anchor. Decide!

What are your consulting specialties?

  • Strategy
  • Performance
  • Process chain
  • Process engineering
  • Projecting / Prototyping

What know-how and experience can you look back on?

  • More than 60 years of experience in surface technology.
  • Continuous further development, optimization and training
  • Large network of engineers, technicians and foremen in the fields of surface technology, mechanical engineering as well as environmental technology.

Why should we bet on you?

  • Because we are a dynamic and ambitious team that strives to support and advise your company best possible.
  • Well-known companies have already relied on our external view and fresh wind, which is directly reflected in their economic success.

How do you charge for your consulting services?

Generally according to effort / time. In some cases, even after success.