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Metal finishing at the highest quality standard.

From one-offs to mass-produced items, from screws to bodywork – we make it possible! We can offer you the following surfaces:


Chrome is tarnish resistant and wear resistant. The chrome layer is applied only after nickel plating and is only very thin. The underlying nickel layer determines the degree of gloss (bright nickel/matte nickel), which is why the term nickel-chromium is used. Aluminum can also be chrome plated.


Nickel layer consists of shiny layer structure, depending on the nature of the base material whether ground, polished or raw. Brownish appearance, may tarnish (and is repolishable). Good corrosion protection with sufficient coating thickness of 5-35 microns. Base layer for further coatings such as chrome plating, gold plating, silver plating
Unlike chrome, nickel can be painted over. Existing chromed parts that are still in good condition can be made paintable by removing the chrome layer without having to remove the nickel layer.


Technical corrosion protection. Passivated or chromated. The layer thickness consists of 8 to 15 micrometers. The following options exist: Yellow, blue, black galvanizing. Finishing of large parts is possible.


Gold plating with up to 24 carat fine gold or rose gold. Recommended for technical and decorative applications. High corrosion and abrasion resistance. Layer thicknesses are possible from 0.2 micrometers to 10 micrometers. The coating of large parts is also possible.

Bright anodizing

The special anodizing process ensures a high-gloss anodized layer. Only material made of aluminum can be bright anodized. Previous mechanical grinding and polishing of the parts is required. Ideally suited for trim or window frames of classic cars and youngtimers. Black gloss anodizing is possible.

Special Requirements?

We additionally offer:
  • Copper plating
  • Anodizing
  • Surveying
  • Stainless steel pickling
  • Derusting
  • Glass bead blasting
  • Powder coating
  • Hard chrome
  • Chemical paint stripping
  • Express service
  • Management Consulting